Development on the proposed tracts of land now and in the future should be in harmony with established neighborhoods around it, in character and especially in density

Plan and Zoning - background

There are different levels of planning at the scale of the County.

Land use plan is a big-picture view that provides guidelines for a long term future.
It is one of the basis on which re-zoning applications, usually related to land development proposals, may be evaluated by local governement.

Zoning is more detailed and more specific than land use. It usually provides requirements such as minimum lot size, buffers between adjacent properties, distance to structure from property lines, maximum structure height, etc. In most jurisdictions, not sure about Chatham County and Town of Cary, a development or construction project that demonstrates compliance with Zoning requirements sails through the approval process with approvals by staff and does not require action by elected/political representatives.

The Chatham-Cary Joint Plan is a land use plan, see it here:

Please note that by reference the Joint Plan Map is part of the Joint Plan.

See Chatham County Zoning Ordinance here:

The default Zoning for Chatham County is R1.

R1 is equivalant to the green area in the final Joint Plan.

- page 3 (PDF page 11) - establishes R1 and other districts

- page 35 (PDF page 43) - details R1: min lot 40,000 sq ft; 65,340 sq ft with individual wells and individual wastewater disposal systems

In November 2017 Chatham County adopted a Comprehensive Plan, while some of us, may be even quite a few of us, were asleep:
At the above webpage, click the first link "Future Land Use and Conservation Map"
See the legend for the land use our area is slated for - "Compact Residential"
This land use lumps the area of concern in recent comunications, into the same category as Amberly. Hello 2042 (2017 + 25 years).

Joint Plan Maps - by date of publication at Chatham website

There is folklore about the evolution of the Chatham-Cary Joint Plan - but what are the facts? See maps below to get a sense of the history.

Chatham website source webpages for maps: