Development on the proposed tracts of land now and in the future should be in harmony with established neighborhoods around it, in character and especially in density

... this is what ....

Please view the JPG file below.
It is an aerial image of the New Hope Church - Mt. Pisgah Church area, stretching from outer fringes of the Town of Cary towards Jordan Lake.

New Hope Church - Mt. Pisgah Church area aerial image 20 Mb file at this link

When the conversation is about housing densities and zoning, it is often in terms of numbers and is visualized in terms of colors on maps ... these are abstract.

The high resolution aerial image above is from around March-April of 2019, so fair to say representative of the actual situation on the ground today.

Some distinct features:
- Route 751 towards the west (left), running north-south
- the American Tobacco Trail towards the east (right) running north-south
- New Hope Church Road running east-west in the middle, with its distinct northward apex in the middle
- Mt Pisgah Church Road running south from the above apex, then looping west to interect with route 751.

In the image, Cary for the most part is east of the ATT.

How much of the look-and-feel of the eastern quarter of the photo should grow westward towards Jordan Lake?